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  • 18.September 2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update
  • CSGO is live.

    Release Notes for 9/17/2014

    - Tec9: Improved accuracy and reduced recoil.

    - Added new spawn entities that can be placed in maps and are used and prioritized when playing arms race (info_armsrace_counterterrorist & info_armsrace_terrorist).
    - Fixed only one non-primary weapon showing on spectator player panels.
    - Improved performance as a spectator when the scoreboard was visible.

    - Improved dynamic shadow support.
    - Better detection of hardware capabilities to improve performance.
    - Added multi-threaded rendering support.

    - Inferno
    -- Added a boiler to boiler
    -- Fixed a missing texture near Bombsite B

  • 11.September 2014 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Update
  • Release Notes for 9/10/2014

    [ SYSTEMS ]
    - Updated a large number of systems necessary for the Linux client.

    [ MISC ]
    - "kill" command is no longer possible in competitive matchmaking matches ( except during warmup ).
    - Fix for CTs not speaking their radio lines when throwing an Incendiary grenade.
    - Voice status text now shows the player location for teammates.
    - Radio command location text is now colored in chat.
    - Planted bomb status now displays for spectators.
    - Improved some inventory, inspect and economy audio feedback.

    - Operation Breakout is on sale.

    - Improved performance when scoreboard is visible.
    - Improved performance when spectator panel is visible.
    - Improved performance in some cases where avatars and "Display" items are displayed.

    [ MAPS ]
    - Mist
    -- Various bug fixes.
    - Insertion
    -- Fixed buyzone bug in competitive mode.
    -- Updated overview map.

  • 11.September 2014 TeamFortress Update
  • We've released a mandatory update for TF2. The notes for the update are below. The new version number is 2395700.


    - Added taunts to the items that can be uploaded to the Steam Workshop
    - Added new "Taunt" and "Halloween" tags to the Steam Workshop
    - Previous entries marked with the "Halloween 2013" tag will automatically be updated to use the new tag in the coming days
    - Added tournament medals for the ETF2L and RETF2 EE22
    - Client/server performance improvements
    - Improved client memory usage by updating weapons to only be loaded on demand
    - Improved edict usage on servers to help eliminate "out of edicts" errors during round restarts
    - Fixed a server crash caused by using the "map" command in the console while the server is running
    - Fixed a client crash when switching between windowed-mode and fullscreen for Mac OS X and Linux clients
    - Re-enabled HTML MOTD support for Mac OS X and Linux clients
    - Extended the server's "status" command to display edict usage and player/bot counts
    - status output also includes basic class stats...not fully implemented yet
    - Fixed custom content not being shown while watching .dem files that were recorded on servers running with sv_pure
    - Fixed a teleporter exploit that involved players killing teammates via telefrag by switching to Spectator
    - Fixed bad LODs for The Angel of Death coat for the Medic
    - Fixed push triggers applying push values twice when lag compensation is being done
    - Fixed a Hammer crash related to changing entity types for an existing entity
    - Fixed Strange flamethrowers not getting kill credit for deflected projectiles
    - Fixed mini-crit and taunt-invite icons being orphaned in the world
    - Fixed the Festive Force-a-Nature using the wrong taunt animation
    - Fixed the difficulty value not displaying correctly in the Mann vs. Machine scoreboard
    - Fixed Mann vs. Machine bots floating in the air when they die from an explosion
    - Fixed the Pyro's clap sounds clipping the voice lines during the Party Trick taunt
    - Fixed the Short Circuit creating its firing effects when being deployed
    - Fixed Mini-Sentry collision hull being scaled smaller than it should be
    - The Frying Pan can now accept Kills While Explosive Jumping strange parts
    - Updated the equip_region for the Mining Light and Lord Cockswain's Novelty Mutton Chops and Pipe
    - Updated the materials for the Apparition's Aspect and made it paintable
    - Updated the Eternaween vote so it cannot be initiated by clients without using the Eternaween
    - Updated the localization files
    - Updated pl_cactuscanyon
    - Completed permanent removal of previous stage 2 from the map
    - Removed the rollback hill in stage 2, and adjusted neighboring u-turn
    - Adjusted the right-hand spawn exit for Blu in stage 2
    - Reworked Sniper window above underpass in stage 2
    - Adjusted spawn times in stage 2
    - Added flatcars to the train in stage 2
    - Blu side path from cart spawn to underpass is now a drop-down in stage 2
    - Widened a doorway along the cart-path in stage 2
    - Updated rd_asteroid
    - Removed spawn advantage for attackers that die in the enemy base
    - Moved health and ammo above the front door stairs further into the base
    - Increased bot count. Summed total health and points in each section remains the same.
    - Power core pickups now give health and ammo to the collector
    - Removed small health kit above cave exit
    - Added medium ammo kit in the caves near the medium health kit